Asphalt Sealer

Asphalt Pavement Vehicle ZC-2000

Asphalt Pavement Vehicle ZC-2000

ZC-2000 is a professional comprehensive repair equipment, combined with underpan, electric heating system, liquefied gas heating system, heat transfer fluid circulation system, storing box and emulsify asphalt sprinkling system, perfect heating function of mixed asphalt material,emulsify asphalt sprinkling, heating maintenance of asphalt pavements, recycle of used material and many other functions.


  • 1.Spreading quantity of asphalt and crushed stones is intelligently controlled. Spraying of asphalt and crushed stones is controlled with one key;
  • 2.The chip distributing mechanism is designed with good compactness, and the opening extent of the material gate may be controlled through the manual rotor disc.
  • 3.Spreading quantity of asphalt and crushed stones is intelligently controlled. Spraying of asphalt and crushed stones is controlled with one key;
  • 4.The burner dry burning-resistant safety device and heat conduction oil temperature monitoring system are first developed. The heating is safer and more reliable.
  • 5.Heat conducting oil circuit to keep all the pipelines and pumps unblocked.


It is provided with the advantages of costing saving, surface wear resistance, slip resistance, water resistance, and quick traffic recovery when construction is completed. It is applicable to the construction of highways of different grades.

Technical Data

Electric heating parameters

Total Power

Maximum: 40KW,According to the actual take electricity for 20 kw, 30 kw heating power switch

Heating Temperature

The highest temperature is 250 ℃, it is controlled by a thermostat set freely and heating temperature

Heating Time

4.5~5.5 Hours

Liquefied petroleum gas heating parameters

Calorific Value

>28000 Kcal / H

Gas Consumption

3Kg / H

Liquefied Gas Bottle Specifications

50KG/Bottle,Two bottles

Cylinder Changed Method

Automatic lifting,Don't need to manual handling

Gasification Method

Room temperature natural gasification, liquefied gas use effect is not affected by outside low temperature environment

Electric control system

Master Method

PLC programmable control (Siemens)

Operation Method

Touch Screen/Button

Intelligent control

The unique rapid warm-up and appointments heating function

Hydraulic System

Pump Delivery

40ml / r

Valve Body Form

Integrated solenoid valve

Motor Displacement


Control Method

fully electronically controlled

Fuel Tank Capacity


Automatic unloading mechanism

Automatic unloading mechanism

With electric control hydraulic motor as the power, through the screw feeding mix

Discharge Rate

Adjustable speed, maximum speed about 10 minutes 2 cubic asphalt mixture can be finished

Integration of emulsified asphalt spraying system

Hose Length

8 M,With the function of automatic recovery

Emulsified Asphalt Tank


Diesel Oil Tank Cleaning


Emulsified asphalt pressure bottle


Integration of the heating plate

Heating Area


Heating Method

Thermal radiation type

Partition heating

Separate three parts(Can be partitioned and overall heat)

Additional Features

The heating plate can be rotated and moved transversely

The old material recycling bin system

Old Bin Capacity


Control Method

Electronically controlled hydraulic drive bin erect and flat, lighten the working strength of workers old material recycling

Rode Roller

Compaction width

715 mm

Centrifugal Force

15 KN

Hoisting Method

Adopt gantry lifting mechanism, side lifting, roller lift operation to take up the road width is about 1 meter or so, easy to operate, occupy less lane width, high safety


Vehicle brand

Dongfeng Automobile


Cummins ISDe 180-40

Emission standards

State Ⅳ

Other configuration

Safety Warning

With LED arrow indicator, to improve the safety of construction

Auxiliary power

With hydraulic power output connector, can provide power for
external hydraulic tools

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