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Trailer Asphalt Distributor DATS-25

Trailer Asphalt Distributor DATS-25

Trailer Asphalt Distributor DATS-25 is designed for heating and spraying asphalt emulsion tack coat, asphalt cutbacks, asphalt rejuvenators, primers and more. Asphalt Distributor Trailers are available in660 gallon capacities.


  • 1.Electric Brakes with Safety Break-Away System,Vapor Heat System with Safety Shut-Off.Easy Access Basket Strainer Reduces Tip Clogging.
  • 2.Asphalt pipeline has systemic circulation. It is suitable for spraying emulsified asphalt and heated asphalt.
  • 3.Optional: Yanmar Diesel Engine.Positive Displacement Material Pump.Lock down lid with breather vent.
  • 4.Three overlapping spraying ensures more uniform spreading with higher precision.
  • 5.Asphalt distributor is a truck-mounted, insulated tank, with numerous special purpose attachments.


It can be used for construction of upper and lowers seal coat, prime coat, waterproof layer, bonding layer, bituminous surface treatment, bituminous penetration pavement, fog seal and other projects of different grades of highway pavement.

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