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    Asphalt cement is the basic ingredient of asphalt emulsions. In most cases, it makes up from 50 to 75 percent of the emulsion. Some properties of the asphalt significantly affect the finished emulsion. But there is not an exact correlation between the properties and the ability to emulsify the asphalt.

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    Asphalt emulsions are used in a wide variety of applications. Chipseal involves spraying the road surface with asphalt emulsion followed by a layer of crushed rock, gravel or crushed slag. Slurry seal involves the creation of a mixture of asphalt emulsion and fine crushed aggregate that is spread on the surface of a road.

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    Breaking Characteristics of Emulsions . Emulsions exist for ease of application. After application the water to should evaporate and leave the asphalt cement.

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    PART 2: ADVANTAGES OF ASPHALT EMULSIONS Back to top 1. Introduction: In part 1 the basics of emulsions were considered. Restated, Asphalt emulsions are dispersions of Asphalt in water and stabilized by a chemical system. All of the advantages of emulsions flow directly from this fact.

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    Asphalt Emulsion. Emulsified asphalt, as used by TxDOT, consists of asphalt droplets suspended in water. This dispersion under normal circumstances would not take place, since everyone knows. that oil and water don’t mix, but if an emulsifying agent is added to the water the asphalt.

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    Asphalt emulsions are produced by mixing a water solution of emulsifier, usually a cationic or anionic surfactant, with hot asphalt in a colloid mill. They may contain other ingredients like polymers and solvents, which may

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    Asphalt emulsion is a combination of three basic ingredients; asphalt, water, and small amounts of emulsifying agent. In the same process, these components are introduced into a mechanism known as a colloid mill, which shears the asphalt into tiny droplets.

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    Product Description asphalt and coal tar cements and coatings, emulsions, solvent

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    Emulsified asphalt is simply a suspension of small asphalt cement globules in water, which is assisted by an emulsifying agent (such as soap). The emulsifying agent assists by imparting an electrical charge to the surface of the asphalt cement globules so that they do not coalesce (Roberts et al., 1996[1]).

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    CHEMISTRY OF ASPHALT EMULSION & EMULSION SYSTEMS (SESSION C) Speaker: Stephanie Hogendoorn, Technical Development Manager , AkzoNobel •

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    Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc., Flowood, Mississippi. 380 likes · 62 talking about this. Providing traditional paving asphalts, polymer modified

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    Our selection of conventional and specialty cationic asphalt emulsion grades include a wide array of specifically formulated products designed to fill the broad range of service and use applications demanded by our customers.


    3. MANUFACTURING EMULSIONS The main features are: Molten Asphalt is sheared to fine droplets by a high shear system. In VSS we use a colloid mill designed for the

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    Henry 107 Asphalt Emulsion is a premium, versatile coating for the protection of roofing materials, metal, and masonry surfaces. Solvent-free, it is made from asphalt emulsified with bentonite clay and water. Henry 107 Asphalt Emulsion is cold-applied, non-flammable while wet, corrosion-resistant, and waterproof when dry.

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    Meet the New King of the Mill After more than four decades of using the same old run-of-the-mill emulsion mill technology, it’s time for a change. Bergkamp

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    Asphalt emulsions are manufactured by milling asphalt cement (bitumen) into microscopic particles and dispersing them in water using a chemical emulsifier. The tiny droplets of asphalt remain uniformly suspended until the emulsion is used.

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