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    In the production of bitumen emulsion, water is treated with an emulsifying agent and other chemicals and is pumped to a colloid mill along with bitumen. The colloid mill breaks the bitumen up into tiny droplets. The emulsifying agent migrates to the asphalt-water interface and keeps the droplets from coalescing.

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    Find great deals on eBay for Bitumen Emulsion in Building Materials and Supplies. Shop with confidence.

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    Terminology Etymology. The word "asphalt" is derived from the late Middle English, in turn from French asphalte, based on Late Latin asphalton, asphaltum, which is

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    Colas Limited operates throughout the UK supplying an extensive range of products to local markets from strategically located depots. With over 80 years in manufacturing within the bitumen emulsion market, Colas is able to draw on a vast level of experience and knowledge which is complemented by a strong focus on research and development.


    Bitumen emulsion is a mixture of water & bitumen. Hey wait, we know that bitumen is a oil product and it cannot be mixed with water. That is why we add an emulsifier (a

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    Bitumen emulsion is a mixture of fine droplets of bitumen and water. But as the bitumen is a petroleum product it doesn’t mix with water and as it is sticky in nature, it doesn’t easily gets disintegrated into fine droplets. To overcome this problem an emulsifier is used.

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    More recently we have added bitumen emulsions which act as Asphalt Preservatives. In addition to our bitumen based materials we also manufacture a range of synthetic based emulsions for use with coloured asphalts and slurry surfacing.

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    by Glynn Holleran, Jeffrey Reed Monterrey, Mexico, Oct 1996 . Contents Part 1 Understanding Emulsion Products Part 2 Advantages of Asphalt Emulsions

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    Solco, Unit 2, Stadium Indstrial Estate, Cradock Road, Luton, LU4 0JF Datasheet SOLCO Application (cont) Waterproofi ng structures Solseal Bitumen Emulsion provides

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    RoadStar is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Bitumen Emulsion, Polymer Modified Bitumen, Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumencts.

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    SOLSEAL Bitumen Emulsion FLEXIBLE WATERPROOFER A RUBBER / BITUMEN WATERPROOFING COMPOUND Solseal Bitumen Emulsion Damp-Proofer and Waterproofer is a cold applied, odourless, rubber enriched bitumen emulsion for use both internally and externally. It provides a highly effi cient sandwich damp-proof membrane

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    The first production of bitumen emulsion in a dedicated plant was made in 1905 in Elsass, in the city of Lutterbach by a chemist named Emile FEIGEL. However, significant utilisation actually started during the end of the Twenties with the process patented by a British chemist, MAC KAY, in 1922.

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    The sprayers are available in a range of sizes from 500 litres to 2,000 litres and are all capable of heating the product making it easier to pump.

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    Bond It Bitubond bitumen roof emulsion general purpose product used on walls and floors to prevent water ingress and dampness from the ground.

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    Bitumen emulsion consists of three basic ingredients: bitumen, water, and an emulsifying agent. Based on specifications it may contain other additives, such as stabilizers, coating improvers, anti-strips, or break control agents.

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    Asphalt emulsions are an environmentally friendly, energy efficient and cost effective product for use in today’s paving and preservation efforts.

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    In the case of bitumen, in order to extract the oil out of the ground an emulsifier is used, allowing the thick molasses-like substance to flow. Thursday’s oil spill contained about 5,000 cubic metres of bitumen emulsion over a 16,000 square-metre area.

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    K140 Bitumen Emulsion rapid setting emulsion to provide an adhesive bond between existing surfaces and bituminous overlay. Recommended when patching, sealing or


    BITUMEN PRODUCTS AND CATIONIC EMULSIONS 24 CATIONIC GRADE EMULSIONS 95/25 Bitumen 23kg Bag K1-40 is a Conventional Grade cationic bitumen emulsion which complies with grade K1-40 of BS 434-1 and grade C40B4 of BS EN 13808. It has been designed as a tack coat for bitumen based surfacing products. K140% Emulsion 25kg

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    Bitumen is a black or dark-colored (solid, semi-solid, viscous), amorphous, cementitious material that can be found in different forms, such us rock