can you lay asphalt over concrete

  • What are the Side Effects of Paving Asphalt over Concrete?

    Concrete is not usually a compacted surface because it hardens no matter what it is poured over. Asphalt, on the other hand, has to be compacted to get longevity and strength. Concrete pavement is occasionally poured over the top of unstable soils because concrete has the ability to “bridge” the instability.

  • Blacktop Driveways Over Concrete - Ask the Builder

    Blacktop can be successfully installed over concrete. But there are issues as you might expect. In addition, you do have an alternative paving method that may surprise you. Rock Solid Base. One positive aspect of installing blacktop over concrete is the concrete provides a firm base for the flexible asphalt paving.

  • Why It's Better To Remove A Concrete Driveway Before

    Building The Right Driveway SubBase. The big problem with laying asphalt driveways over concrete has to do with the initial preparation of the site. With concrete, if you're concerned about strength and stability, the solution is to simply lay a thicker slab.

  • Can You Asphalt Over A Concrete Driveway? - Concrete

    06/03/2012· Can asphalt be used over the Can you Asphalt over a Concrete Driveway? I have a long concrete driveway and parking pad that is cracking.

  • Can You Install Concrete Over Asphalt? | Hunker

    The Process. Asphalt works as a driveway base under concrete only when it is strong, stable and at least 2 to 3 inches thick. Before concrete installation begins, the asphalt is inspected and repaired as needed. Holes or cracks with depth of 2 inches or more require filling before concrete overlay is applied.

  • Can I Overlay Concrete with Asphalt? | Ford Asphalt

    From time to time, you’ll find concrete streets and driveways that have an asphalt overlay on them.This is done for several reasons, but does have its drawbacks.

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    Can you pave over concrete? - Alpha Paving Industries has the answer. Call us at (512) 677-9001 to find out how we can help.

  • Can Asphalt Be Applied Over A Concrete Parking - YouTube

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    18/05/2014· Can Asphalt Be Applied Over A Concrete Parking Lot Orlando | Gordy Haynes Gordy Haynes. How to lay 1" pavers over existing concrete. - Duration: 2:35.

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  • My concrete driveway is in bad shape, can I pave (asphalt

    07/12/2006· You would want a minimum of 2" thick asphalt over the concrete. NOTE: Asphalt should NEVER be laid if the ground is below 40 degrees, as it will cool to fast and not "seal down" correctly.

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  • What should you consider when putting concrete over asphalt?

    What should you consider when putting concrete over asphalt? When you put concrete over asphalt, To lay asphalt, is concrete required

  • What should you consider when putting concrete over asphalt?

    Under these circumstances, it is appropriate to place asphalt under concrete. I am not sure what the circumstances are that you are thinking of putting concrete over asphalt. If you do, make sure that the asphalt is over a well compacted base material. Make sure the asphalt is permeable and not breaking apart.

  • Pouring Concrete over blacktop - Yesterday's Tractors

    Can you pour a concrete slab over blacktop? Of course you can pour concrete directly over it. I have asphalt millings under my concrete slab anyway.

  • Can You Put Asphalt Over Concrete? - Sophisticated EDGE

    More Info: Asphalt can be successfully installed over concrete but due to the characteristics of each material, you may not be happy with the long-term results, as the asphalt will ultimately crack in the same manner that concrete does. Disadvantages of Putting Asphalt over Concrete

  • Can you lay asphalt in the rain? - eHow UK

    When laying what is called asphalt concrete, It is very important that the base materials over which the asphalt is applied are "Can you lay asphalt in the


    will provide the longest lasting job. If you are considering total replacement, you might also price concrete, and compare the costs – and the advantages and disadvantages – of each. Asphalt Resurface (over Asphalt): A #404 surface course of asphalt can be installed on top of existing asphalt. Since the

  • Can brick pavers be installed over an existing concrete

    Brick paving can be installed over existing concrete or asphalt as long as it is in reasonably good shape. To ensure an adequate foundation for the brick, the existing concrete slab or asphalt should be inspected and repaired as necessary.

  • Concrete Overlays Over Asphalt Parking Lots - YouTube

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    Concrete overlays over asphalt parking lots - Duration: 4:01. GCC of America 1,041 views. How to lay 1" pavers over existing concrete. - Duration:

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  • driveway - Should a second layer of asphalt be placed over

    and then re-laying If you put a new layer of asphalt over the existing driveway it Once you have rigid base you can put either concrete or asphalt.

  • Pros and Cons: Asphalt vs. Concrete Driveway | Angie's

    Stanley says asphalt can be paved over concrete, if the existing If you lay down concrete, I can guarantee you that your taxes will go up so much that over the

  • How to lay down blacktop over concrete - Quora

    Once you have roughened the concrete, you will want to tack coat the surface of the concrete and place the asphalt over the top of the concrete. Ideally, the thickness of the asphalt is at least 3 inches. The size of aggregate